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As ZEE5 communicated, “Quickly after Priya strikes into a perfect house alongside Aishu, her hearing-debilitated young lady, Aishu goes lacking. In her search for Aishu, Priya learns a few stunning event that occurred in the home in advance. Will Priya discover Aishu? “

Kannamoochi plan turns cycle a more energetic outwardly disabled woman Aishu, who goes lacking from her home eventually or another.Poorna, demonstrating her capability to convey a substantial character and play torment all over and does it with conviction, conveys a substantial exhibition as the despondency stricken mother. . She bears the agony all over and does it particularly. She makes it look genuine and conveys the show forward without any assistance.

In the more extensive plan of things, a portion of these segments appear to be exceptionally superfluous. Say the one including Ram, Priya’s perished spouse. Notwithstanding, the essence of the story is woven into a flashback section with Devaraj (Vivek Prasanna), his lost little girl Manju, and Assessor Loudersamy (Bose Venkat). In the wake of getting a dormant reaction from the cops, Priya volunteers to follow the case. This thusly, devitalises the screenplay and doesn’t give a delightful compensation off.Priya (Poorna), a single parent, moves into another condo with her five-year-old little girl Ishwarya in a city that is new to her too. She surely loves the 10th floor house yet directly on her first visit, she is given a dreadful greeting with the lift jolting in the 6th floor and its lights flashing unnervingly. that, Ishwarya is captured and an alarmed Priya is pushed into finding a way overwhelming ways to discover her. She inclines toward her solitary companions, a recently delegated house help and Santhosh, yet generally navigates this excursion with the assistance of a young lady (phantom?), who just Priya can see and hear. The story at that point gives path for the significant sub-plot including a pedophile.

The otherworldly component drives Priya into a past-wrongdoing and flashbacks and it nearly appears as though an imprudent pursuit at certain parts as the present-day situation is overlooked totally, or it appears. The reason of the arrangement is In any case, a few stretches something that can be played with well indeed, yet Kannamoochi puts on a show of being half-cooked generally. Be that as it may, a few stretches are truly elegantly composed and especially, the fifth and last scene is a flat out joy to watch and experience. for nailing the total scene and for abundantly supporting the author and chief’s work.

Exactly when her tormented mother Priya, begins a search for her daughter, she tracks down an alarming actuality – a spine-chilling exacerbation had wind up being the spot inside the home she’d walked around close by her young lady.

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