How to Create An Email Account in cPanel – Business Email in cPanel

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In Order to create a new email in cPanel please follow our given instruction.

How to create an email in cPanel Business Email in cPanel

  1.  Login to your hosting account or open your cPanel Account type in search box “email” or just scroll down and find email section.
  2. Click on Email Accounts and press Create button from right  side.
  3. If you have a multiple domains just select your domain you want to create email.
  4. write your username,set your password and allocate any space. Its depends on you how much you need.
  5. Click on create button once all is done. Now your email created.
  6. if you want to login your email just select Check Email and hit enter.
  7. Feel free to Choose any interface for your inbox. here is your inbox preview.
  8. All is done, If you need any support please comment below, Thank you.

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